Phelps County Regional Medical Center Medical Technologist-Lab in Rolla, Missouri

Under the general supervision of the Section Chief, the Medical Technologist understands the principles and competently performs clinical testing in any or all areas of hematology, immunology, microbiology, clinical microscopy, chemistry, immunology, coagulation, and blood banking while adhering to all accrediting agency regulations. He/she interprets results for accuracy, acceptability, and critical limits and performs esoteric testing as needed. The summary is not all inclusive.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Performs work accurately, verified timely and posted to proper work area when requested or required. Routine testing is performed without assistance to include reagent reconstitution/storage, with moderate ability to solve testing and/or analyzer problems. Quality control is always reviewed and performed according to department policy with documentation of all quality control failures and corrective action as needed.

Prioritizes workload to ensure priority of testing request is met.

Manages a fair workload, volunteers for additional work, prioritizes tasks, develops good work procedures, manages time well, and handles information flow. Actively participates in ensuring good balance between workload and department productivity goals is maintained.

Reviews pending list regularly and at end of shift to ensure completion of applicable work shift and communicates remaining pending work and/or relevant information to next shift.

Ensures all critical results are called to provider and documented with time and name of person receiving call in accordance with accrediting agencies.

Assists with training of new employees and assuring competency, and assists management with updating and correcting procedure manuals and policies as needed.

Performs all pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical assessments on an on-going basis and troubleshoots potential specimen issues as needed for both in-house and reference testing.

Standards of Behavior

  • Service: I will seek out opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, always maintaining a positive attitude, showing respect to those we serve, and maintaining a safe environment for everyone

  • Opportunity: I will address the needs of my customers and respond in a timely manner. It is my responsibility to provide everyone with prompt service, assist customers, listen courteously and maintain their right to privacy.

  • Attitude:I will represent PCRMC with a positive attitude, caring demeanor and professional appearance in all encounters including stressful situations. A positive attitude is demonstrated through a friendly approach, active listening and meeting the needs of our customers.

  • Respect: I am dedicated to serving our customers. I will treat everyone with courtesy and respect. I will respect and appreciate the value of all individuals through my behavior and communication.

  • Safety:I am committed to promoting a safe culture within our organization.


Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology or a related science required.

Minimum Work Experience

None required for a registered Medical Technologist. Non-registered requires at least one year experience in a clinical laboratory.


MT (ASCP), MLS (ASCP), M (ASCP), C (ASCP), H (ASCP), or BB (ASCP) certification required for a registered medical technologist.

Mental/Physical Requirements

(May be met with appropriate accommodations if deemed necessary.) Close mental and visual attention required for sustained periods of time. Frequently works under stressful conditions due to time constraints and critical condition of some patients. 90% of time spent transporting self throughout department and hospital or working at a lab station. Must be able to lift and/or carry up to 20 lbs.

Working Conditions

Constant exposure to hazardous chemical and infectious material. Works in air-conditioned environment with moderate noise level. May be required to work any time of day.