Jackson County Missouri County Counselor in Kansas City, Missouri

Job Duties:

  • The County Counselor shall devote full time to the office and shall by the county's attorney and counselor at law.
  • The County Counselor shall appoint and supervise associate and assistance counselors and staff.
  • The County Counselor shall have charge of and conduct all of the civil law business of the County, and the departments, officers, boards and commissions, institutions and agencies thereof.
  • The County Counselor shall, upon request, issue written opinions to any county officer or department.
  • The County Counselor shall prepare or approve as to form all leases, deeds, contracts, bonds, ordinances, rules, regulations, drafts of legislation, and other instruments relating to the business of the County.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must have a Juris Doctorate degree and be a member of the Missouri Bar.
  • Submit to/pass pre-employment drug screen/ background check.

Department: County Counselor

Grade: g99

Salary: $135,000 - $147,754/year