SoutheastHEALTH Technologist Radiology in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Technologist Radiology

Licensed Technical
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Imaging Temporary



Night ShiftTo provide patient services using imaging modalities. Performs radiographic procedures. Applies principles of radiation protection. Evaluates radiographs for technical quality. Exercises professional judgment in the performance of procedures. Recognizes patient conditions requiring immediate action and initiates life support measuresBegin

  • Honors the value of the team and works in concert with others to create a cohesive work environment

  • Honor and respect the diverse nature, beliefs, values, and lifestyles of patients, families, and co-workers

  • Support each colleague to uplift our spirits, manage our stress, and celebrate our lives

  • Embraces change in a positive manner, with flexibility and a sense of humor, giving each idea fair chance

  • Accepts coaching as a way to improve the team and the organization

  • Provides excellence in hospitality, courtesy and compassion

  • Performs Imaging exams and procedures

  • Operates imaging and imaging related equipment

  • Positions and immobilizes patients as necessary

  • Obtains clinical data and patient history for correlation with the exam

  • Practices radiation protection for both the patient and themself. (MRI excluded)

  • Applies ALARA and “Image Gently” principles when applicable

  • Selects technical factors and imaging mode

  • Evaluates images for quality

  • Performs post-processing of images

  • Assumes care for physical and psychological needs of patients during treatments and examinations

  • Practice aseptic technique as necessary

  • Maintain IV skills. (CT, MR, and Diagnostic day shift)

  • Assist physicians, nursing units and physician’s offices in ordering exams and procedures appropriate to the needs and age of the patient. This includes taking into consideration recent radiation exposure

  • Assumes responsibility to assure exams and procedures are charged correctly

  • MRI practices MR safety and is responsible for the protection of magnetic zones

  • Prior to conducting any exam or procedure verifies correct patient, correct imaging site, correct positioning, correct imaging protocols and correct scanner parameters

  • Contributes to patient records

  • Assumes responsibility for assigned area

  • Performs equipment calibrations and adjustments

  • Provides input for equipment and supply purchase decisions

  • Instructs specific units of didactic and/or clinical education in area of expertise for technology programs imaging

  • In the absence of a manager, assumes acting supervisory responsibility, when requested.

  • Pursues ongoing continuing education

  • Assumes responsibility for portions of quality assurance program

  • May control inventory and purchase of supplies for designated areas

  • Duties require interaction with patients of various age groups, social and economic backgrounds

  • Performs other duties as assigned

  • Identifies and manages emergency situations

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of an emergency and determines course of action

  • Notifies appropriate healthcare provider when an immediate clinical response is necessary based on procedural findings and patient condition

  • Administers contrast media and is familiar with possible reactions and appropriate response to such reactions

  • Assists with clinical experience and education of students

  • Demonstrates the application of the principles of aseptic techniques in a knowledgeable manner. Corrects observed or suspected breaks in sterile technique according to Policy and Procedure

  • Communicates effectively. Properly uses SBAR to report patient progress

  • Follows policy with universal protocol. Uses two patient identifiers (name and birthday), identifies proceduralist’s initials and/or mark for site marking (when applicable), initiates and/or participates in the “time-out” immediately prior to skin incision

  • Utilizes universal precautions on all cases

  • Demonstrates an understanding of aseptic technique and is knowledgeable of the methods of sterilization and disinfection

  • Performs procedures safely with minimal supervision. Requests assistance when performing unfamiliar procedure, recognizes own limitations

  • Identifies and corrects potential hazards and safety measures to prevent injury including patient and occupational related hazards

  • Works hours as needed and requested by leadership, takes rotating call


  • Graduate of committee of Allied Health Education and Accreditation (AMA) Imaging Technology program, or equivalent

  • Certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (or registry eligible)

  • Registered in your modality specialty within one year of assignment to the area

  • Competency in imaging examinations as proven during the 1st 90 days

  • Within 90 days, employ must exhibit proficient computer skills

  • Must be able to read, write and speak English

  • BLS Certified