SoutheastHEALTH Restorative Tech *Temporary* in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Restorative Tech Temporary

Licensed Technical
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Physical Therapy Full-Time



Day Shift TemporaryA critical role of the Restorative Technician, a non-licensed worker who works under the direction of a Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapist, will be to facilitate an optimum maintenance level of function for all patients. This person will provide care for the patients with dignity and respect that will result in the opportunity to maintain range, strength, mobility and simple activities of daily activities with quality care by individualizing each patient’s care and experienceBegin

  • Takes a leadership role in providing dignity to the patient by maintaining patients’ personal skills, assisting the patient in dressing, grooming and personal hygiene during hospitalization

  • Honors the value the value of the rehab team and nursing floor by assisting in the highest patient outcome during hospitalization

  • Mentors new nursing aides to enhance the care of the patient

  • Fully engages in assisting the patient in dressing, donning and doffing assistive devices and monitoring skin care

  • Proactive in performing optimum care or assistance to the patients with use of proper transfer techniques observing proper weight bearing precautions and providing support of injured extremities

  • Respects the verbal and nonverbal communication of the patient in active, passive, assistive ROM and other exercises

  • Maintains patients’ dignity and respect by assisting in maintenance in mobility during hospitalization by assisting with ambulation, transfer or bed mobility with or without assistive device

  • Supports patient’s dignity and nutritional needs by assisting patients with feeding and positioning during meals

  • Maintains quality standards by assisting patients with safe swallowing standards and guidelines

  • Offers dignity and respect to patients while assisting with exercises to maintain cognitive and communication skills.

  • Monitors vital signs and provides portable oxygen at proper setting during transport and/or treatment

  • Documents patient intervention in patient record

  • Pro-active in reporting change in status to therapist for exceptional patient care and experience

  • Optimizes patient experience by being part of the transportation team for the patient experience

  • Prepares patient for the therapist’s intervention.

  • Assists therapists with whirlpool, pulsed lavage and other modalities as needed and monitors the patients

  • Maintains cleanliness and orderliness of the department by maintaining and recording cleaning, temperature and other regulatory needs

  • Maintains proper stock of supplies as needed for the efficiency of the team.

  • Assists with answering the department phone other administrative duties of the department as needed to coordinate excellent team outcomes

  • Maintains open, positive communication to enhance the experience of the patient and the team

  • Treats everyone with dignity and respect

  • Promotes teamwork in the department and on the floors

  • Supports colleagues who work with rehab patients to uplift spirits, manage stress and celebrate successes

  • Performs other job duties as assigned


  • Utilizes critical thinking skills

  • Problem solver

  • Positive outlook

  • Follows through with assignments with minimal supervision

  • Energetic and focused

  • Caring disposition


  • High school graduate or equivalent

  • Successful completion of on-the-job training in Rehab procedures, transfers, body mechanics assistances with ambulation and other activities of daily living

  • Current BCLS

  • Must be able to read, write and speak English

  • Must be able to do computer documentation

  • Must have good communication skills